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A client to connect to an SMTP and POP3 Server to send and receive messages


It is important that you use your own emailing SMTP and POP3 servers as using something like Outlook will be seen as spam and against TOS and will get your Outlook account locked and suspended Gmail no longer allows things like this unfortunately but understandably so 


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wait. im actually seriously intrigued by this. is it mainly for use of communication through email service source? im still learning all the different communication protocols, including jabber (xmpp) and similar (matrix, irc, ect)

yes its for communicating via email using SMTP and POP3 im not too familiar with all the protocols myself either but yea basically you connect to an email server (Its advised that you use your own email server rather than an existing service because you can get your email banned sadly) and you can send messages back and forth like if it were connected via a web socket

there's a way to also grab attachments as well so at some point i wanna do something with sending media back and forth as well

I really appreciate the answer back, thank you!! I try to avoid using gmail or the alike to communicate anyway. ^_^

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